Stop taking so many photos when you are traveling!

How many photos do you have from a holiday that you just haven’t had time to organize? Or, have you come back from a dream like vacation and your photos just don’t seem to match up with your memories? You are not alone as this is an all too common issue. And, both of these questions have their roots in a simple and easy to fix problem. Take fewer photos, not more!

I mean this literally but also figuratively. Yes, overall take fewer photos. But, in reality this is a lesson in becoming more conscious of your photography. What is the point of the photo? Why are you clicking the shutter at that moment?
You must have heard many times, that when moving into the era of digital cameras, you can shoot your heart’s desire (a.k.a. until your SD or CF card is full), unlike with film which needed to be developed and only had a limited number of photos on each roll. While that is true, it is not true that more photos equals better photos. Well, you may have also heard that professional photographers shoot hundreds or thousands of photos just to get one or several good ones. That is also true, but they are first and foremost shooting with a purpose. Literally shooting less will allow you to discover your point of view, and thus figuratively you will shoot less of everything and more of something.

Here is how to do it!
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