Photogs Spring Invite 春季摄影邀请赛 Little Ladies Monking 年轻女和尚 By: branson Q. The young monks of Myanmar are often orphans and these three are out on the streets making their morning rounds of collecting alms. Their pink robes set them apart from male monks. Near the morning market is a popular place for people to gather, buying groceries and daily necessities and thus it is a good place for the young girls to receive their donations. 在缅甸,很多年轻的和尚通常都是孤儿。照片中,这三个年轻的女和尚正在街上进行清晨化缘。她们身着的粉色僧袍可以清晰地与男性和尚区分开来。在早市边,人们聚集购买日常用品之处通常是这些年轻女孩们收获捐赠物最好的地方。 Bear Alms 服役 By: branson Q. As has been a tradition for millennia the morning is when the monks leave the temple out to the streets to seek rations for the day. In Myanmar this tradition is alive and thriving. This elder monk collects money in the market from women selling beetle-nut leaves who are hoping for a blessing from Buddha. 晨起离开寺庙去街上化缘已经成为这里亘古不变的传统。在缅甸,这个传统依然存在并广受欢迎。照片中,年迈的和尚正在市场从买槟榔叶祈求好运的妇女手中筹钱。 Temptations of the Temple 寺庙诱惑 By: branson Q. A full moon festival marks a celebration in Myanmar when it is time to bring gifts to the temple for the monks. A series of women walking through this archway on route to the temple are bearing gifts. The rice, peanuts, fruit etc. and cash are all given by rich and poor alike. 满月节的庆祝方式是节日期间给寺庙的和尚们供奉礼物。照片中,妇女们正运送这些礼物穿过通向寺庙的拱门——米,花生,水果,以及穷人富人捐赠的钱财。