Carbon Deconstruction by branson It is the forces in us that hold us together and the forces beyond us that keep us apart and vise versus. Element number #6, carbon has so many possibilities from dust to diamond or from inanimate to life itself. No different from these walls which were bedrooms for the futures children and now are dust, we too were the future and will be dust. And from this carbon element our life will again produce the necessary conditions for something desired, something useful, or the next great mind. Walls like these may signify ruin or they signify a new generation. The photos were taken in Old Daowai, or the other side of the tracks. Often disregarded by Harbin residence, Daowai was one of the birthplaces of Harbin. In Daowai clever minds are afoot and nimble hands do tedious work. This is not the first fire Daowai has seen and it sure will not be its last illustrating that soot and soul are one in the same. 碳的解构 布兰森 这是使我们联系在一起的力量,这也是使我们分开相对的力量。符号列在第六位的元素有多种可能性,从灰尘到钻石,或从无生命的到有生命的。与未来孩子的卧室墙壁没有什么不同,现在是尘土,未来也将是尘土。这个碳元素,我们的生活将再次为所需要的、有用的,或者下一个伟大的想法生产必要的条件。像这样的墙壁可能意味着毁灭或意味着新的一代。 照片拍摄在道外,或者在轨道的另一边。经常被哈尔滨人忽视,道外是哈尔滨的发祥地之一。聪明的头脑和灵活的双手在作着单调乏味的工作。这不是道外的第一把火,它肯定也不会是最后一次。烟尘和灵魂都合二为一。