North Korea: An Inside Look

Not Grey and Cold North Korea is not grey and cold. There are problems and that can easily be seen watching the trucks roll in from the border of Dandong, China, carrying food and textiles into an unproductive country. Cars are sparse, buildings other than the capital are small and only major highways are developed as a transportation system. The people are optimistic and seek the future of reunification with their brothers and sisters of the south. They have a firm conviction in their principles of their leaders being great, peace with the outside. Iimperialists should leave Korea to be a nation as a whole. The de-militarized zone or DMZ carries the significant fallout of a beginning of friendship between two nations posed against each other in the ‘axis of evil.’ The DMZ is a stretch of land that has been demarcated by the U.N. as an area without heavy artillery that diagonally stretches two kilometers on each side of the 38th parallel which buffers the north from the south. In the DMZ there is a number of significant buildings that were used by the North and South for negotiations which resulted in nothing. Also, buildings that were used for talks between the DPRK and the UN which resulted in a ceasefire and an end to military conflict but not an official peace treaty. The country is still formally at war. The boarder is a strip of concrete.