When the sun goes down the light sure do turn on… and that is true for the crosses and the massage shops, both still competing for business. Rays of holy ambiguity vs just straight shots of ambiguity.
Full on is also the Soju. Not nearly as strong or atrocious as the homegrown Chinese ‘baijiu,’ the Korean national beverage of Soju lays down a little closer to Japanese Sake. Sake I may say has much more refinement and just overall class, from taste, bottle to specialized ceramic Sake glasses. Soju just gets people loaded. So full on is the drink and the green Soju bottle begin to pile up on the tables. Similar to China, they don't remove the empties from the table, so you can be really cool! And as in most of Asia there are no repercussions for your server to give you another bottle of booze or mug of beer. Also, public drunkenness is not frowned upon, rather almost looked at with envy. Getting wasted with your buddies? Awesome! So as the evening wears on, and by evening I mean night, the BBQ joints fill up with more suits and ties as the gents get out of the office. Many may actually not be done with ‘work’ as they are with work partners but tensions are washed back with a little green bottle Soju.