There was about a week left in my Guatemala adventure and for some that is tons of time. I generally use the tortoise model over running like a hare when it comes to travel. But there was one more item on my list before getting on to my next destination. And that was to climb a volcano. Asking around it seemed that the trip to be done was the Acatenango Volcano. A there and back all day trip or the overnight camping trip. I was definitely in for the later. Acatenango is just outside of Antigua and Antigua is crawling with gringos and tourists, so every corner you turn there is another shop guaranteeing the best deal and the best experience and the best of the best. Yet, the best of the best comes to those who wait and in my case just lazy. At a round of drinks the opportunity from someone who knew someone literally popped his head in the door. Bang! for a 37% discount the trip was booked for early the next morning! So to get to the good stuff! The climb was tough, blah, blah, blah. Volcano eruptions are bad ass! If my memory serves me and if my excitement didn't totally distort my memory the sound comes first. Or at least the sound alerts you to what is then spewing out of the conical ashy dome. By day it just looks like massive plumes of smoke and flying black boulders. But as the sun settles lower in the distance, the explosions begin to take on a hue. Orange, and red and fire lava fly out like the earth is arc welding itself. And the physical rumble is what makes this audio and optical show feel totally alive. The ground just quivers and then gently settles waiting for another break of the volcano crust to release another eruption.