A vast landscape on the steppes of Asia which was the cradle for the birth of some of the hardiest people on earth. It wasn't until the taming of the horse did these nomads become fearless warlords. Dan Carlin in his "Hardcore History" series has a fantastic series on the Mongols named "the Wrath of the Khans." In it he describes the "technological" advantage the horse gave the people of the steppes, whereby it had increased the speed of the world nearly overnight from a walking speed to that of horse power. It may be the modern equivalent of international commercial air travel, yet not for such altruistic purposes. Enough of my ramblings, check out Dan at http://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/ or to see my footage of a meal that Genghis himself may have eaten in his felted hut, check out the youtube link below... to see more, visit this youtube video... http://youtu.be/iahZP-vB5H8