‘Saffron flower’ village is a Unesco world heritage site and that says a lot, both in terms its uniqueness but also unfortunately in terms of its popularity. What it doesn't portray is the quaintness that has not been lost in its new global fame. There are a few main drags selling trinkets but because they were made during the Ottoman empire they are just a wagon axel wide. Off these streets are alleys and cobbled walkways that wander and weave throughout the valley. It is easy to meander for hours and not see anything that resembles it fame as a world attraction. The buildings are exquisitely preserved and with a cup of sweet Turkish you can feel the history come alive. It is not often that you get to be in a living artifact. Playing a game of backgammon with the village inhabitants or relaxing in an obscure mosque out of the center of the city and you will not be in any hurry to leave this lovely saffron slice of serenity.