Old school taxi 4CUC to Central Havana... Edeficio Bacardi (art deco something)... eyes feasted out the windows. Central Havana is where the "real" Havana is according to the guidebook. I never made it to the building which was less a place I wanted to see and more a direction to tell the driver. The driver again was cordial and seemingly intelligent and well educated. Simply just pleasant. That is always the problem with private transport... you always need to be going somewhere. Whatever happened to the journey? What I did see on the way from the half preserved interior of a 50's something was a flower market. And just by chance the road was under construction so I hopped out. The driver told me it was just ahead and I went the opposite direction. I walked into the meat section first. All markets got sections, and one area will carry totally different things than the next. Just so happen this time it was the butchers cleaving away at their swine. There were two rows which faced each other with a central isle so you could walk through once and see just about every cut of meat. The men all had white shirts which was in contrast to their dark black skin. As they hacked at different bones and nicely sliced at cuts of better meat, they sweat and the beads atop their forehead gleamed in alongside their gaudy gold chains and diamond studded earrings as the sun peaked through the open concreate skeleton walls bouncing rays of light on to the backs of the sturdy Cubans. Each man had his own little station which he arranged in his own way and thuds and thumps clamored in asynchronous patters as they chopped away. As I pop out the end back into the sun a few butchers were having a break chatting it up with another marketeer. Behind them was a Ché slogan and portrait. I made some comment about the revolution and one gentleman quickly took me around the corner to show me an even better portrait of Ché with the Cuban flag waving in the background. Ché looks so proud atop his island for mere sustainability. I wonder how proud he would be. I wonder about all these politicians who beg and plead for your loyalty and then send tax dollars into their own coffers or sons into battle. What a messy business that they take so much pride in. Ché is definitely the face of the revolution.