This mosque/church/temple by the Hui/Russians/Buddhist is a fascinating wooden structure that not only stands the bitter -40 degree winters of North China/Southern Russia but it also made it through Mao's cultural revolution. VERY few wooden structures did.

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In the midst of frozen chaos in NE China you really could have just walked right past the little alleyway that is the in an out of this gem drowned out by something just a little bit newer than it. Construction started in 1908 which just follows the construction of the railway that connects Moscow to Vladivostok. This little mosque has a fantastic mix of styles including Russian countryside architecture, traditional Chinese Buddhist style posts and front awning and an Islamic fusion tower minaret at the rear. This wooden structure is one of a handful of cultural buildings that was not burned and destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. A real highlight that should not be missed in Heihe, Heilongjiang, China.