Running right through some of the finest, yet most dilapidated architecture that all of Manchuria has to offer, this market is robust. The people and the ingredients. It may dip down to -40C at night, but come morning when the temp rises only a few degrees this market is again buzzing with people. This fall day was one of the last where fruits and vegetables could be kept outside on display. Eggs are front and featured as soon they will be needing to go inside under a blanket to keep from freezing. The hearty people of this neighborhood have been here since the Russians build the railroad. Lived and thrived under Japanese rule and became a communist stronghold before China actually became a modern nation state in 1949. If you want to see what Harbin was like 50 years ago, there is one place you can't miss. Old Daowai 3rd St. market. I am happy to call it my daily market. It may be a little dirty but a stroll down history lane is quick disappearing. A little dust on your leg of lamb can be washed off!