When We Were Young by branson 当我们年轻
It is just so strange that time keeps going forward. And that is true until you climb a tree or get down on the ground. Sure you may get a pebble in your elbow or a scratch on your shin… but you can turn time back to when all was possible and imagination was endless. And when your imagination begins again we get to go back when dinosaurs roamed and forward when our friends from outer space will visit.

These creatures of my imagination found me here in Heilongjiang. The forest village of Dong Sheng not only is a great place to hear silence, it also has some really great people. So, seeing the face of that bug or looking in the hole of what may be, is exhilarating and super personal, so I hope they don’t mind my looking. Maybe they think I am the oldest child they have ever seen and that makes me want to have pebbles in all my elbows.