Dalian China could maybe be compared to San Francisco, without the 60’s LSD backdrop and the current gay mecca that brings culture and life to Northern California. But Dalian is on the coast and it has been a significant to the growth of more than just China. It is strategically on a peninsula that sticks out into the Bohai Sea. And thus for China it is a mega attraction for seafood. And much of that seafood is caught and returns to port not in the bustling downtown of Dalian but just north or south of the city where real estate is cheaper and the dirty business of raping the sea and selling it dripping wet on the market floors can be done. At the wholesale market you can get your big orders placed or just simply get your dinner fresh and a bit cheaper than at the supermarket. Chinese who have great savings rates are the world’s best penny pinchers and a wholesale market is right up their alley. In the “new” development district north of Dalian proper a fish market is open every day. Rubber boots slosh through the wet market stalls, shrimp twitch and clams squirt sea water. If you are into markets, Dalian has some good ones, and with a little soy sauce, ginger, Chinese onion and a wok, some nicely prepared dish is ready for your taste buds.