There is nothing bad to say… shhhh… I have never heard so much propaganda about a group of people in my life as I did about the Shakers. It was all positive and so that is good but it is just blatant nonsense. Check the website or go yourself and let a guide tell you why the Shakers really on the cusp of saving humanity with their entrepreneurial spirit and adaptive vision of environmentally sustainable lifestyles. The crazy thing is that the guides are not even Shakers, they have just bought into it. Again it was positive and it is refreshing to hear nice things about others. There is just one huge F’in problem with the dream… the is no literal F’in. By creed they cannot breed. What kinda vision is that? They died themselves out. So how can you be the best people who ever walked the Earth and also be extinct in 200 years. Irony—best case I have seen in my life. Check out more at their homepage.