Sunscreen on, layers and layers as it goes from freezing to hot in an instant and camera bag over my shoulder. The boatman was waiting at the gate with a cigarette in his mouth. We were off. Do you smoke? No. He walked fast and we arrived at the dock 10 past 8. Minutes later with a few shaky moments getting from one boat over to the next wooden long boat to finally our boat with a waiting young driver. Can't call him a captain. Dark skin, dirty hair and bloodshot red eyes from being out on the water. Crank the engine, the 17,000 was still in my pocket and i guess i pay later. The channel out to the actually lake is busy chauffeur people and goods from the stilted hamlets on the lake to the markets in town. 15 minutes. "Welcome to Inle Lake." Wind was cold and the blankets were warm in the rattan chairs. Veer right into a canal. Tomatoes are grown on island vineyards. The lake is shallow and extra shallow now in the drought. Had noodles for a snack as the lines were chalked in on the dusty dirt pitch by hand scooping the white powder out of a single bucket.