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Carbon Deconstruction by branson

It is the forces in us that hold us together and the forces beyond us that keep us apart and vise versus. Element number #6, carbon has so many possibilities from dust to diamond or from inanimate to life itself. No different from these walls which were bedrooms for the futures children and now are dust, we too were the future and will be dust. And from this carbon element our life will again produce the necessary conditions for something desired, something useful, or the next great mind. Walls like these may signify ruin or they signify a new generation.
The photos were taken in Old Daowai, or the other side of the tracks. Often disregarded by Harbin residence, Daowai was one of the birthplaces of Harbin. In Daowai clever minds are afoot and nimble hands do tedious work. This is not the first fire Daowai has seen and it sure will not be its last illustrating that soot and soul are one in the same.
碳的解构 布兰森