In my exploration of both art and the world I take a macro and micro view of how forms and life are inter or intra connected. I see things as systems and dynamic processes where the thoughts, feelings and ideas merge and separate sometimes with direct purpose while other times with total spontaneity. In my photography and art I try to reflect the circumstances that create perspectives uniquely our own, yet pervasively universal. On a micro level to the macro minded the world is insignificant, while on a macro level to the micro minded it is obscure. These paradoxical circumstances are what create vibrations of harmony and discord. The balance between harmony and discord is the fine line which I try to reflect in my art and as a philosophy I suggest is so fascinating.
Stagnation and Flux: Capital Region Photo CenterPhotogs of Harbin 2015 Photo Exhibition37th Annual Photography Regional: 2015in MotionCeramicsMultimediaCohoes Artist Showcase VCarbon Deconstruction: Sakhalin State UniversityPhotogs of Harbin Spring 20162016 Havana Times Photo Competition