Old School News! Experience "foreigners" hot Thanksgiving-- 冰城体验“老外”火热感恩节

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The explanation is golden turkey, refreshing beer, a delicious buffet, the familiar old friend, the evening of 26, in the Holiday Inn City Center bar reporters to experience a traditional American Thanksgiving party.
    Entered the bar, the reporter was attracted huge turkey, turkey apparently just released, the golden skin also keep oil, people could not help but want to bite. Although tiny little bar very exotic, decorative, design attic wall are very classical elegance. Under dark lighting, three or four ten Chinese and foreign friends table with great interest a few people eating turkey, drinking beer and chatting. Although not in the United States, but the reporter also feel a deep sense of thanksgiving atmosphere. A teacher from the United States told reporters chatted about his Thanksgiving ideas.
    [Year] American friends Branson Quenzer
    I am very happy today, because today is a to the people, friends, family expressed gratitude, thanksgiving day. In this, our friends from all over the world is one family. The most important thing is that we can use different ways to express gratitude

    The explanation of this is the traditional Thanksgiving holiday in America, but lively, interesting foreign festivals also attracted many Chinese students to participate.
    [Year] Chinese student Zhou Han
    Learn a lot of their culture and customs, I feel very helpful.
    [Commentary] It is understood that Thanksgiving is the United States and Canada shared festival, pioneered by the United States, intended to thank the Indians, then it is often in this day thanks to others. Since 1941, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November every year on this day onwards will leave two days, people have and their families, munching on a delicious turkey.
    Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Shuai, Wang Kai, Wang Chao, Chen Guigui Harbin reported. (End) (Editor: Li Jianping)


    【同期】美国友人 Branson Quenzer 

    【同期】中国学生 周晗
    新华社记者梁帅、王凯、王超、陈桂桂哈尔滨报道。(完) (编辑:李建平)


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