Do you want to get a little closer to a subject that you think would make a really good portrait? And then, that little voice creeped in, giving you doubts. Maybe it said, “You don’t know this person and what if they get angry?” Or maybe that voice said, “You don’t know their culture and what if you impose your hobby on their life?” Well, you are not alone. And actually you are thinking of the right questions. But how you respond to these questions and the little voice inside your head is the difference between being a happy photographer with photos you can be proud of, or being a timid photographer that recalls missed opportunities. Oh, and by the way, the answer to getting closer is not by buying a longer focal length lens. The longest focal length presented in the photos below will be 70mm. But again, let’s be clear, we all have an inner voice that gives us doubt! And we all have a conscious that wants us to be culturally sensitive, a polite observer and respect the privacy of others. So, where all these conflicting ideas and feelings come to a cross roads will determine the end result of a photo. Should you sacrifice your interest for the chance that maybe, just maybe someone might not be happy with your photo of them? Or should your trepidation over cultural differences prevent you from enjoying your moment? Personally, I think not, and that is not based on my personal opinion, but my years of experience.